what does first refusal mean ? acting?

My bf recently did an audition for a commercial and he got a call back then they told him something about first refusal what does this mean?

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  • They basically have him on hold for the day of the shoot but nothing is guaranteed. They liked him, may want to book him, but they are possibly still looking for talent so they have asked that he be available just in case.

    Wow, don't listen to people who don't know what they're talking about. I saw the other two answers after I posted mine. If you're unsure, your boyfriend should contact his agent to be certain, but I'm fairly certain that my answer is correct and the other two are ...... nevermind. I can't believe that some people will readily answer something that they know nothing about.

  • Right of First Refusal in the Theater means that if a play is picked up to go to say ... Broadway, that the cast, writers and crew don't get dumped and left behind.

    This person has the chance to "first refusal" to turn down the part when it's gets it's big break. Now, if that actor (or whomever) decides he wants to stay with the show -- but the producers decide to replace him with a big star -- he gets that same salary.

    It is designed to protect the performer and a good thing.

    There are a lot of "equity waiver" shows that can have no more than 99 seats, where a lot of new plays are tested - some hope they will be picked up for a longer and larger life. It'd be totally unfair for someone to invest to make a play work be it acting, designing or writing and then just be dumped, hence that player now has the "right of first refusal"

  • First right of refusal. That usually involves money. It means they pay you to stay but have the right to drop you.

    It's usually extended to book authors and script authors. They give you the right to a first look for extra money but have the right to refuse it if they don't like it.

    Sometimes it's just a part of the deal, but there is usually a deal.

    A publisher takes your book and gives you money for it and gets a FIRST RIGHT of refusal on your next book, it means you have to give them a first look and then they either pick it up or pass on it.

    So, it could mean they used him and paid him some money and maybe used someone else and if they REFUSE to use his spot and go with the other person they can.

    It usually involves MONEY. Maybe they paid him $1,000 to do the spot and if they go with it they will pay him another $2,000 and if they refuse he gets nothing.

    ALL contractual rights involve VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, which means $$$

    It can't be a CONTRACTUAL RIGHT without $$$

    It either means $$$ if they refuse or $$$ if they accept

    Whatever it means $$$ is involved or it is not a contractual right.

    George Lucas had a FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL with UNIVERSAL over his movie deal for "AMERICAN GRAFITTI"

    As such he had to give them a first look at his next project "STAR WARS"

    They passed and he went to FOX with the project.

  • I dont know in this case. First refusal normally means that you are to be offered the thing first, then if you refuse it, it can go to another person.

  • It means that he is being considered.

  • as Marianna mentioned dont listen to the other who dont seem to know what they are talking about.

  • he was the first they had to refuse because of his lack of skill!

  • Mark is right

  • He was in the group of candidates that were eliminated first. He didn't even make it past the first cut, so he's probably terrible.

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