what does guest service mean to you? (be professional)?

I work for a hotel, and we were asked to find out what our guest(s) perception is of guest service.

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  • To me guest service is having someone from the hotel accesible when I need them and being friendly while they do so.

    It is also an attitude: smiling faces, welcoming words. There is nothing worse than going into a place and being coldly greeted by the host or concierge (or not greeted at all). It’s such a turn off.

    Also someone who is knowledgeable about the hotel and surrounding areas. Tourists will likely have questions, it’s frustrating when employees don’t know the answers.

    But I think above all it means having a genuinely positive attitude and willing to go out of you way to help a guest.

  • Guest Service

  • “guest service” means being attentive to the whims and needs of the guest;

    in a hotel, making the guest feel that they are in an environment that conjures up a feeling of “home away from home”, feeling comfortable and relaxed, and yet special.

    Customer service is everything in an hospitality industry job (I work in a casino). No matter how plush the surroundings, how tantalizing the food, it’s almost always the service and attentiveness that the guest receives, or doesn’t receive, that will determine their return. Small things…a friendly hello, knowing directions to the nearest Chinese restaurant, promptly sending up the extra pillows that they requested..they all stick with the customer. Excellent guest/customer service is going above and beyond the norm and making the experience memorable.

  • i think of the people who work all night to give the person occupying the room whatever item (or where to find an item) or directions and such they might need.

  • satisfying the customer need and assisting them in what he/she need

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