What does I thee wed mean when a bride and groom say it at their wedding?

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  • I = personal pronoun,

    thee = medieval English familiar form of "you", "you" is actually the plural form but it has been used as a singular for centuries.

    wed = become wedded to, marry, bond for life.

    Also in the wedding service there are lines "forsaking all others..." which mean that the bride and groom will stop dating and ṃѧṭıṅɢ with other people.

    These archaic forms match the language of the Authorised Version of the Bible are popular because of their elegance and clarity of meaning (for those like you who take the trouble to find out). This means that there's no legal or ecclesiastical "get out" from the vows on the grounds of "unfair contract" (vow = a sincere promise made with full understanding of the consequences).

  • Thee Wed

  • I refers to lets say groom reciting this line, wed means--am marrying or wedding you thee means the bride,

    thus meaning I, John is/am marrying or wedding Jane.

  • Thee means you - it just means that you are agreeing to marry that person.

  • Hi I marry you, thee means you, so i marry you.

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