What does “incipit liber primus” mean?

i don't know what language it is. sorry. mabye latin not sure though.

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  • If it's latin, and it seems to be, it's something about books (liber) first (primer) and begin (incipit).

  • Primus Definition

  • It is a section of a poem, most often the first (primus) section, after the Introduction (Prologus). Following this is the incipit liber primus. Then comes the incipit liber secundus (second), incipit liber tercius (third), incipit liber quartus (fourth), incipit liber quintus (fifth) and so on.

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  • incipit liber primus = here begins the first book

    explicit liber primus = here ends the first book

    primus = first

    secundus = second

    tertius = third

    tertius = forth

    quartus = fifth

    and so on

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    What does "incipit liber primus" mean?

    i don't know what language it is. sorry. mabye latin not sure though.

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  • That's a name of a book, by Geoffrey Chaucer - translated it means:

    I believe the language is Latin - and your translation is as follows:

    to take in hand free chief

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  • I know it's Latin and that "liber" means "book" or "child." Judging by our modern use of "prime," "primus" probably means "first."

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