what does interdenominational mean?

What does interdenominational mean?

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  • Interdenominational churches and organizations are intended to transcend denominational affiliation by bringing together Christians with differing beliefs and allegiances in a form of Christian ecumenism.

    Interdenominationalism is based on the idea that there are "primary" and "secondary" issues in faith. Primary issues describe those about which there can be no disagreement, whereas secondary issues are not central to Christian belief and leave compromise as an option between the members of differing denominations. Interdenominational churches and organizations are typically Protestant and evangelical.

    Interdenominational Christianity is sometimes known as transdenominational Christianity but should not be confused with Non-denominational Christianity.

  • Interdenominational Definition

  • It's not easy to give an easy definition but I'll try. In one case, several denominations may join together to start and maintain a Christian school. Another case might be when several denominations unite to keep a soup kitchen or other community service type of action in business. Still another might happen when several denominations combine to sponsor a community outreach or evangelistic/revival meeting.

    In simplest terms, inter means more than one whereas intra means one only. Interstate commerce involves commerce between two or more states; intra-state would involve one state only. Interdenominational simply means more than one denomination, but as you can see, the term doesn't really lend itself to simple defining.

  • adj.

    Of or involving different religious denominations.

    Meaning #1: occurring between or among or common to different churches or denominations

    Synonym: interchurch


    of, relating to, or between different denominations or churches

    Rose attended an interdenominational youth summit focusing on religion and sexuality and was surprised to hear some heterodox viewpoints on condom usage.


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    It means every wacky denomination can take part, all 304 of them.

  • It means that church accepts all beliefs. In other words, they don't teach anything that would offend anyones beliefs. Therefore they don't teach the truth.

  • inter means between. denomination means something like classification. so between classifications. probably.

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