What does it mean if your crush looks at you head to toe?

my crush gives me the head to toe looks a lot. do any of you know what it actually mean when a guy does that? he even stare, glance and looks at me a lot too.

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  • a sign that he likes youu . & hes prolly checking uu out as well. . . dont think much of it . . . a lot of quys do that . .


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  • well if hes playfully flirting and being nice then he probably has feeling for you or is just a big flirt. if hes being disrespectful or igonring you, he probably isnt interested relationship-wise. BUT if hes lookin you up and down aka checking you out, then hes probably interested physically. some guys are total jerks but only want you for physical things. so if your into the whole "no strings attactched thing" then you and this guy may get along, but dont expect him to be nice and boyfriend-y if hes a jerk right now.

  • Goodness! He's really digging you! The head to toe is like, mmmmmmm! Look at THAT! Why are you questioning that?

  • he's checking you out, he thinks you're hot.....also I've heard that if a guy checks you out from head to toe it means he likes your face or is into ҍօ.օҍs...and if he checks you out from toes to head then he's more into legs and ßυʈʈꜱ

  • Hes checking you out meaning that he likes you... meaning that he will give you many compliments in the future

  • He's checkin u out sayin 'look at dat fine mama' or sum.he likes u.try to get closer to him nd see what goes on from there.

  • That means he is checkin you out and he probably likes you but is too shy to tell you or doesn't want to get rejected

  • He's checking out the goods.

  • He's checking you out!

    Approach him or somthing. Say somthing like, "I was across the room and I noticed you were looking at me" then introduce yourself

  • obvious, he checking u out. he like u, for sure now the question is r u going to make the move.

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