what does it mean to get a horse on loan?

hiya my mate has been looking on preloved for a horse on loan.

i wondered what was entailed?

aparently u can get full or part loan....whats the difference?

do u keep the horse at your own stable and pay for everything for the horse as if it were your own....or does the owner pay for everything and keep the horse and u just give them so much money a week to ride it and stuff?

how does it work lol. i'd never heard of loaning a horse before! x

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  • It all depends on if it's full of part loan. If it's a full loan, you get the horse for a period of time and you pay all of the bills necessary for its upkeep. There is often some sort of contract involved in which you have to agree to certain levels or types of care as set by the owner of the horse. This is often what people choose to do when they go overseas for extended periods or move away for college. Rather than selling your horse or paying out the wazoo for that level of care at a boarding facility, you turn your horse and the associated expenses over to someone else for a set amount of time.

    A partial loan is when someone else owns the horse, but you split boarding/food/vet/etc bills with them in exchange for being able to ride the horse. It's a good way for owners who are having trouble footing the bills or who don't have quite enough time to spend with their horse to get help. In some situations, however, if both riders are active, it becomes dangerous to the horse, so guidelines must be laid out in the beginning.

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  • Loaning a horse means that you help look after and ride him. It's a bit like renting. You do not actually own the horse but you look after him with the owner, in a way you share the horse. But with loaning, you have to pay the owner every week/month and at anytime the owner can stop you from loaning him I hope I helped a little =0)

  • Hey there,

    Ok a full loan is where you are entirely responsible for the horse. It is up to you to ride him - and look after him. Its basically like having your own horse - only you dont own him.

    In this case you are responsible for paying for him in full unless otherwise stated in the contract which will be signed by you and the owner.

    Part loan is where you are half responsible for the horse. You will either be sharing the riding and everyday costs either with the owner - or with whoever has the other half lease on him. It is better to do up a schedule of who rides the horse on what day and sign a contract stating that all bills are to be halved and so on.

    Some loans are free where you do not have to pay the owner for the use of the horse, but other loans - you will have to pay them - but this amount would be pre-agreed before signing any contracts. I would also urge you to ensure there IS a contract done up to avoid any problems about what responsibility lies with whom down the line in the event of a problem.


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  • Hey

    A full loan tends to be when the horse does not belong to you but you stable it and take care of it everyday as if it is your own. You pay the owner of the horse to do this.

    A part loan is when you have a set number of days per week when you take care of the horse/ride it etc. You dont uaually stable it you travel to wherever the horse is kept. It is a lot cheaper usually and involved more flexibility and less work.

    It depends on different loan agreements. Sometimes all the owner wants is that you take care of the horse and they pay everything, others they just say want money for shoeing/bedding. Sometimes they want you to pay just vet bills when needed. If you're lucky they will want no money just that you do all stable duties and take good care of their horse 🙂

    Hope i helped. ( Currently own a horse, but have part loaned and full loaned in the past)

  • If you are of legal age (usually 18 or 21 - depends on your local laws) you can make any kind of contract you would like. In your area there is some typical way of leasing or borrowing a horse. You'll have to ask.

    A contract can be written or oral. An oral contract is not usually appropriate, because no one remembers what the terms were. Get the terms of your agreement in writing. There will be a standard form for this but it will be quite different in each part of our planet. You need local advice.

    MORE: It seems you will get some answers suggesting you apply for a loan!!! They are trying to advertise some sort of loan scam. Sheesh.

  • Hi,

    There is a basic loan agreement on the BHS website. It covers pretty much everything. It's good to take a look at!

  • I'm not sure

  • Yeah it might be true

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