what does it mean to have piercing eyes?

what does it mean to have piercing eyes?

and what does it mean to piece anothers soul

8 Answers

  • Beautiful, Noticeable eyes.

    Like they can see your sould between thier lovely eyes.

    To piece another soul means to find the perfect match or the love of your life <3

  • I think you probably mean the metaphor of piercing eyes, it means someone who has a really intense look in their eyes. Sometimes it could be that the colour of their eyes is quite different, like a really icy blue colour. Type piercing blue eyes into google images and see what it comes up with

  • *bursts into laughter*

    umm could you get any CHEEZIER? What I wanna know is what crazy person said that anyone has eyes that "pierce another's soul"


  • piercing eyes are eyes that can see straight through a person. not physically ofcourse but metaphorically. they are eyes that are so intense that they can make u feel different emotions

  • SUPP is right. Just plain beautiful eyes. "You're hooked and can't stop starring"--Sir Mix-A-Lot; Baby Got back

  • I think scary =0

  • it means that your eyes are so captivating to look at. once you start, you can't stop.

  • when your eyes can see in to someone

    answer mine:


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