What does it mean when a boy calls you DOLL?

He was like all flirty and stuff and called me DOLL twice and everybody in my class heard it and was staring at me and him.

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  • when a boy calls you doll he def. likes you. Its just another term for baby. i don't like it when my boy calls me doll but its not a bad thing actually a good thing if you like the guy!

  • lol i remember reading in old archie comics archie or reggie calling some girls "dolls". being called a doll means ur attractive, good looking or just overall a good person. im guessing the term came from dolls lil girls play with that all look perfect so by calling you that he's saying ur really really good looking

  • He may think he’s complimenting you by calling you “doll” It’s a term of endearment: “Your looking nice today doll.”

    It also depends, does he use it after criticizing you? Then it would be a term of disrespect: “Don’t worry your pretty little head doll” or “You wouldn’t understand doll”

  • He likes you and thinks you are cute. Tell him, he's a doll too, or maybe just an Action figure.

  • it means he thinks you look gorgeous un fortunatley thats a saying of the past dont know where he got it i would never say that

  • He thinks its cool,and he likes you.He probably heard it on a old movie.

  • It means he's stuck in the 1930s and has been watching his grandpa pick up girls too often.

  • Dolls look scary and ugly. I would never want to be called one...

  • its just a pet name, he probably uses it on a lot of girls if he's the flirty type, dont read too much into it.

  • It's nice..I'm an old bird but my fella calls me doll and i love it..................

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