What does it mean when a girl says “Goodnight Love”?

K Ive been talking to this girl for quite a while now, and we've become really good friends; at first she didn't talk much because she has trust issues, but now she's oƿє-ṅєd up and we talk about anything and everything. I like her, and she knows this. She doesn't seem against the thought in the least, she said we'll see with a smile when I told her. Well last night we were talking and when we were saying goodnight she said "goodnight love" and right after that maybe a second if that she left, I didn't have time to ask her anything about it. What does this mean, can it mean she's starting to have feelings for me too?

7 Answers

  • it's just kind of a term for affection. Like some of my gfs say "thanks love"

    it just kind of means dear.

    So yea, i guess maybe things are looking up for you and her. Keep doing what ever it is that you are doing:)

  • What do it mean when a woman say to a man goodnight my love.

  • Girls throw the l word around, because they have dif meanings aparently. I know

  • hahah dude its just her being sweet. Dude its another way of her saying "Goodnite hunny" or "Goodnite Sweetie"..she likes you u idiot. Stop asking useless comments!

  • Any chance she's British? That is how they talk.

  • Yes. Well, she could have been just tired.

  • she's leaving

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