What does it mean when a guy calls you “hun”? Please answer!?

This guy I kind of like... calls me "hun" like when we're talking, like in a middle of a conversation...or like when we're talking on the computer and when he has to go, he says something like.. "I have to go, hun. Talk to you later, *hugs*" I'm not sure what way to take this "hun" thing... I know it's either out of habit, or he maybe likes me? but I'm not so sure, what are some ways I could figure out what way he means it? Sometimes I get the idea that he might like me.. sometimes I'm not so sure.. the past two days I haven't talked to him too much, his mom has been sick, and he has been takin' care of her, so I message him, and he reply back with something, and then close to the end of his message he said... "I'm gonna try to get on tonight when, if, she sleeps. So you should get on so we can talk...I miss you. :/ " So.. does anyone have any ideas what so ever?

hahaha, it will be my luck that he sees this.. =/

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  • Hun short for honey an endearing term. I think he's into you.

  • He is at least a friend. Does what he is doing make your uncomfortable or just uncertain? If you are just uncertain, you should ask him, because it sounds like he is moving on you. Hugging? Thats the suspicious but, eh? It sounds like he is trying to move in quietly and see if you mind - he might be a little shy of rejection, most guys are. So the next time he calls you "Hun" - short for honey - you should just ask him whether he considers the two of you an item or not. Just be direct and simple, or you can say it kinda teasingly to take some of the sting out if he is feeling self-conscious about his moves. You could just smile and say "So, I was wondering, are we just friends, or are we something more than that?" He should let you know something right then.

  • My grandmother and mother called me hun all the time but I am female. I say hun to people I am friends with or even call my grown son Hun and nobody ever thinks it means anything. I ve been called sweetie before to. I have a few guy friends call me that to and I just see it as a little pet name. I would not read into anyone calling you a honey or sweetie or hun which is short for honey. I would look for other signs to find out if he is in to you.

    I recently said thank you Hun to a man who wished me happy Birthday on text and he replied ... Hun? Just call me Atilla. That kind of threw me like he really didnt like me calling him hun. Hmmm.. I replied, I didnt mean anything by it, its just a friendly name that is all.

    Good luck.

  • I don't think it necessarily means he likes you. For all the little 12 year olds saying "Oh yeah, that definitely means he likes you", y'all are idiots.

    I say the word Hun all the time, but I'm a girl so it may not mean the same thing. It's just like saying bud or something, but doesn't sound as stupid.

    I'm not saying he doesn't like you because he very well may, but the word hun is no way to find out! Hope this helped and good luck. 🙂


  • Sometimes, its a boy habit of saying "hun" but for you, Its obvious that he likes you thats why he always say "hun" to you. Its like a sign that he is doing the first move.

    You go girl

  • He could like you, he could just be a flirt. The "I miss you" is a good sign. Don't read into the "Hun" part. Just ask him! or just keep doing what you're doing, eventually something will happen to show you how he really feels.

  • idk but i do know that I call my girlfriend hun alot and sometimes b4 I had a gf I would say things like, ohh thanks hun or bye hun or just incorporate it at the end of a sentence when I was talking to girls that I was close friends with. It does sound like he likes you though if he says he misses you and calls you hun alot, like I said I used to do it to close girl friends that i thougt maybe i would have a shot with

  • Hun is a term of endearment, but not necessarily meaning close intimacy. It sounds to me that he likes you. Ask him.

  • haha, well some people do it by habit. but me i call the girls that i kinda like or like hun. i mean like i think that he likes you. so just try advancing in the relationship if you want. good luck

  • if a guy calls u hun, he likes u

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