what does it mean when a guy says, “you’re a trip”?

it was over text?

6 Answers

  • Your funny/crazy/amusing. It's a compliment. Most of the time black people say it. Like if someone says something funny or crazy someone says "Hahaha you a trip aha"

    Source(s): I'm black
  • what was the message sent previously that led to that?

    I would guess it could mean a number of things, but if I were to say it to a girl, it would be a compliment. The phrase sort of derives from drug lingo. if you are "tripping" you are under a drugs euphoric effect. so, if a woman makes you feel really good/is really attractive/makes you feel good for any good quality in general, it could be said that she "makes you trip."

    so if you are a trip, that means you have some very positive quality about you (whether that means you are a nice person, or very attractive, etc).

    Source(s): as a guy that would be how I would use it.
  • well usually a trip is being high...maybe hes "high" off of you?

  • it kind of mean s you're weird or odd, something along those lines.

    girls can say it, too. ;D

  • Either you slipped him lsd

    or he thinks your funny.

  • surprise!

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