What does it mean when someone says the best part of her ran down her mom’s leg?

A guy I'm talking to was fake fighting with my little sister. He told me to tell her that the best part of her ran down her mom's leg. We said we didn't get it and he told us to think about it. Does anyone know what it could mean?

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  • Yes. It's rude and crude. It means that when your sister was conceived some of what your father contributed leaked and ran down your mothers leg when she stood up. In other words, ꜱρєɾɱ ran down her leg. The "Best Part" was wasted. In other words, your sister is nothing but garbage.

    None of that is true however. A single ꜱρєɾɱ carries all the genetic code that makes up a person. Half a ꜱρєɾɱ can not run down anyone's leg. Your sister is complete in who she is. This boy is merely casting an insult. Albeit in a jesting way (joking), it's still crude and rude.

    Next time someone says that to you or a family member politely tell them to go to hell. They have NO IDEA of how to treat people with respect. Joking insults are still insults. I never liked them.

    Hope this helps.


    Proud father of FIVE girls. WAY TOO MANY YEARS experience.

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