What does it mean when your nose twitches?

It’s like when you have a nervous eye tick but it’s happening right at the tip of your nose. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Interesting, thanks for the link! I always thought that when your nose itches it means someone is talking about you.

But I’m asking about when it twitches, not when it itches…lol.

Thanks Pascha! That’s exactly what I mean but I’m not doing any spells. My nose has been twitching like that on and off for a couple of days now…it’s very odd, lol.

Thank you all for the answers!

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  • The nose has been considered in many eastern cultures as the power point of the body. There are many old wives tales about the nose. My dear granny, who was born on Feb. 29th and as of the last leap-year celebrated only 21 birthdays used to say, “If yer nose is itchin’ ya gonna kiss a fool!” But this is a bit of folksy humor. I would think that the fact that your nose is actually twitching means a bit more than some folkloric rhetoric. I believe that it means that your power is needing to manifest itself in a very real way. I think that you need to do a Solstice Ritual to use this energy in the most effective way. You are being called upon by the goddess to do something that will express your true talents and abilities. Do not pass of this tremendous opportunity. Follow the spirit my dear Witchy friend and you will learn the answer to all the things that you really want to know. Blessed Be…~M~

  • Nose Twitching

  • it’s happened to me a few times., involuntary., just like when your eye twitches..

    But im not sure what could be the cause of it.

    And i doubt that there could be only one reason as to why it happens.

    I know for me.., i have allergies. and that may be a contribution as to why it may twitch.

    I’m also aware that stress may be a trigger for ‘tics’ (seeing as the involuntary ‘twitch’ is normally ‘medically’ classified as tics.) Which is why some people suggest it may be the onset of tourett’s syndrome. But that’s rare., and i doubt it. It normally goes away after awhile., If it’s really bothersome. than maybe you should go see a dr. see if they can give you anything to help.

    ** I was once told by someone that when you sneeze someone is thinking of you.. ever since then., i sneeze more than once each time.. i hardly ever sneeze just once.. (but again., allergies may be to blame here.. ) **

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    What does it mean when your nose twitches?

    It's like when you have a nervous eye tick but it's happening right at the tip of your nose. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

  • I think that just like when your eyes are twitching, it s lack of sleep.

  • Oh,buddy! You do not have to worry about this, it’s not a kind of disease. It can be controlled by your will and don’t think about it all the day, try to leave it alone and you will be better!

  • “If your nose itches, someone is coming to see you. If it’s the right nostril, the visitor will be a female, left nostril, male.”

    or it means you’re about to have a quarrel with someone.


    oops my bad! I didnt read it correctly when it comes to twitching lol.

    If someone is talking bad about you, its usually your right ear ringing. Left ear is good talk.

  • Muscles have electrical impulses running through them. Sometimes, they get “stuck,” and you get a twitch. It corrects itself, usually. Other than that, it has no “meaning.”

  • You mean like in the show Bewitched? It usually meant she was casting a spell.

  • you need to sneeze

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