What does “Maintenance Required” mean when the light for it stays on?

i own a 2005 honda accord, got it in february, with 62,000 miles, and now it has 69,000 miles. had the timing belt replaced recently, but what else should be checked? the maintenance required light stays on and has been on for about a week.

oh by the way i had the oil checked and thats fine apparently. thanks

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  • Many cars currently have two different lights such as these. Their is the maintenance light, which is an indicator that your car is due for an oil change, new filter, and lube. This is based on how many miles since your last maintenance was performed. Any service station or oil change shop can service your vehicle and reset the light. The other light is the service engine light. This indicates a problem or fault condition reported from the vehicles sensors to the computer. A mechanic or the dealer will need to analyze the error code and solve the problem.

  • New cars have all kinds of sensors that tell the computer about the condition of the car. If for example your O2 sensor was bad the maintenance code will show up when it’s hooked up at the shop and I8n the mean time you see an indicator light. What ever the problem the error code will tell them and when fixed it can be reset and your done.

  • You could take it to a mechanic and pay to have the car repaired and/or turn off the light.

    Or you could put a piece of tape over the light.

    Your choice.

  • What part of Maintenance Required is complicated?

    It needs maintenance. It is required.

    Problem solved.

    Take it to a mechanic, and have them diagnose the problem.

    I love these questions. Check engine light is on? What do I do? Check the damn engine, obviously.

    Maintenance required, what do I do? MAINTAIN THE DAMN CAR, obviously.

    These lights are called “idiot lights” for a reason….

  • Common sense isnt very common anymore it seems…

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