what does marjaani mean?

Heard it in a song and I REALLY wanna know... help?

4 Answers

  • INDIAN is not a language, it is an ethnicity. You probably heard it in an Indian song, this is a HINDUSTANI/URDU word. Literally, it means "die, my dear". I'm guessing you heard it in a song called "Marjaani Marjaani" from the movie Billu Barber? I might be wrong d:

  • Marjaani

  • In Persian/Farsi مرجانی ("Marjâni") or مرجان (Marjân) is a female given name, 'Marjan', means 'coral', from Arabic. Probably in Bollywood Urdu and Bollywood Hindustani too.

  • I think you heard it in a indian song..its a indian word...marjaani...means the youth in you..

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