What does meth/crack smell like when it’s cooking and when it’s being smoked?

Okay, I really need some help with this one. I’m living in an apartment complex and just had some new neighbors move in. I’ve been living here since Feb, under a year long lease. Until now, I hadn’t noticed, but apparently there is an issue in these buildings with smells traveling between units. These new neighbors are two young guys, probably in their early to mid 20’s. I’m 34, married and pregnant with my first child. Now all of the sudden, almost for the past week straight, our apartment has been filling up with strange odors. I had the police over the other night because I wasn’t sure what the smell was, and it was just overpowering and saturating our entire apartment. The responding officer said she didn’t know what the smell was. I thought it smelled like burning plastic, but she said she thought it smelled like nasty incense. Said she couldn’t do anything unless she smelled dope. Very nice lady, very sympathetic, but there was nothing she could do. So tonight I’m napping on the couch, and all of the sudden I awake to what smells like intense really cheap flowery air freshener. For hours I tried to air out the apartment with a box fan and an open screen door. The smell kept coming. I figured out that it was filling our entryway, a sort of small lobby where all the doors on the floor meet. Eventually I caught these two hood rat looking females (I mean they were nasty, fat, too small clothes, looked unwashed, with no shoes) exiting the new neighbor’s apt. I asked them if they were burning incense or spraying air freshener. They said yes. I asked that they ask the actual tenants to stop since the smell was filling my apt and making me sick. They agreed and I continued airing my apartment. A few minutes later, I start smelling this horrible burning smell. I’m unsure if it’s their oven, if they’re cooking up drugs (not sure how that works), if they’re smoking drugs, or if they just burned something. My concern is for my unborn baby. If it were just me, I’d probably just suck it up and continue airing the apartment, no worries. So here’s my question, what do meth and crack smell like when it’s cooking and what do they smell like when they’re being smoked? I need to know so that next time I call the cops, it’s with reason. I don’t want to waste their time or mine.

Update: Okay, so I ended up calling the sheriff’s department (outside the city limits so I have to). They came out and I guess the guys let them in no problem. There was some fairly loud yelling…I think maybe the cops told the females to leave. They were over there a few minutes then one of them came to see me. He stated that these guys are part of some program and the apartment is being rented under the program’s name. And apparently, they’re not especially bright. I don’t think they’re special needs or anything though. He said he doubted it was meth because there is very little in this area. Then he stated that though they were very possibly doing drugs (those girls had to be a dead giveaway), because he couldn’t smell any, there was nothing they could do. I wish they could smell what I can, pregnant women are like bloodhounds. Anyway, he said he thought they were harmless. I stated that if they’re smoking drugs around kids and pregnant women, they’r

they’re not harmless. So I’m going first thing Monday morning and yelling at the apartment manager for putting these freaks next door to us. Then I’m going to press them to release me from my lease. It’s all I can think to do at this point.

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  • Sometimes It’s a burning trash smell with a hint of chemicals.Crack has a very sweet smell. Meth smells kinda like melting plastic or burnt marshmallows. The description can vary depending on the person.And the smell can vary depending on how it’s being manufactured. If you suspect a meth or crack lab don’t hesitate to call the local Police or Sheriff. It is toxic to anyone that comes into contact with the area.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    What does meth/crack smell like when it's cooking and when it's being smoked?

    Okay, I really need some help with this one. I'm living in an apartment complex and just had some new neighbors move in. I've been living here since Feb, under a year long lease. Until now, I hadn't noticed, but apparently there is an issue in these buildings with smells traveling…

  • What Does Meth Smell Like

  • if it is just for personal use it is very unlikely that will create an odor strong enough to reach your complex. It`s often smoked from either a pipe or with tinfoil. Although it gives off an odor, it is not particular strong and can be cleansed out with the weakest fresheners.

    A way to check if they`re doing meth is by checking their garbage for maybe tinfoil and straws. ( not sure how your complex disposal system works) Also i highly doubt they`re making it because meth is made from a number of chemicals and when it synthesizes, it creates a lot of strong chemical fumes that is easily noticable if not ventilated (also very dangerous volatile reactions could occur)

  • How do you get off of meth? people are saying she is doing meth. I asked her she said no are you crazy. What are things I should look for to say yes you are doing it.

  • Based on your description, it appears that the smell of crack covered by their attempts at burning incense or spraying odorizers. Report to the police and your landlord until you get results.

  • You’re talking about two entirely different drugs here, which one do you want to know?

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