What does Midnight Symbolize?

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  • Generally, it is as someone else mentioned, the end of one day and beginning of another one. It can be thought of as the dead of night, as in the point of darkness furthest away from sunset and sunrise. And so it's sometimes thought of as the 'witching' hour. However, it is not actually the darkest time of the night. That honor goes to the time of night immediately before the dawn.

    Years ago, during the Cold War, people invented a symbolic clock to measure how close we were thought to be to all-out nuclear war, with midnight being when we "pushed the button." Is that what you were referring to?

  • To me as a Heathen it marks then end of one Christian/Roman measured calender day and the start of the next day. From a religious point of view I measure days from sunset to sunset but in my daily life from midnight to midnight. There is nothing magical about midnight. Try the dawn chorus when all the birds sing at sunrise, that is a magical hour.

  • its a passing hour where both relms like the spirit relm and our relm can come as one its also dangerous because spirits can come into our world good or bad

  • the hour of which you can make a difference

  • the start of the witching hour.

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