what does miralo mean?

i work in a kitchen and everytime i walk in the spanish girls start yelling miralo to each other, sometimes dropping the 'M'. Im a little paranoid because noone will tell me what it means!

5 Answers

  • "look!"

    "watch it!"

  • it is a comman

    formed from present indicative of "tu" conjugation for the verb mirar -> mira

    and you add the thing his commanding (yelling at) as "lo"

    and when you have commands, you attach the pronoun "lo" to the conjugation, so -> miralo

  • haha it means look it!

    so we say that when we find something atractive and we're like hey look at him

    miralo can means look at him or look it

  • Miralo

  • it means see him or see her

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