what does miss you already mean? and love you to pieces what does it mean?

i just want to know the feeling when saying those word

please expain ...thank you

8 Answers

  • "miss you already" means that you're already starting to feel that ache in your heart that you feel when someone you love is far away from you

    "love you to pieces" means that you're overwhelmed with how much you feel for someone...

    people also use these terms loosely, though, and use them with friends

  • What Does Already Mean

  • We Miss You Already

  • 'miss you already' is on the verge to be issing you right before any departure or moments like leaving you with your presence... and, 'love you to pieces' could mean that he or she really every part of you that you made of...

  • it means that the person really loves you.

    and that they cant wait to see you.

    and that they cant live with out you.

    its a good feeling.

    and your in love. 🙂

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    Your brother still loves u little girl... I can call u dat cos i am in college myself... He got a good offer, why does ur mum want him to come bak when he can make a good name for himself? Doesnt she want to see her son happy? Is she worried abt herself only... And abt u being blamed for ur father leaving, I think it was because situations were such that ur father could not have taken the pressure he was under, when he was with his wife. They wud have had their own issues as a couple, which is normal. You being blamed is just that ur mom is passing the blame on to u or ur brother, because someone is to be blamed and since she cant take it on herself, because u may start disliking her, thats why its convenient to blame it on u and make sure that u feel bad, and that her guilty conscience is what u battle... she may be hiding smthing she did in the relationship because of which ur dad took off.... I am sure ur bro is a great guy, and the world is tough for us all... As a guy, he will have his own family, kids and commitments, he cannot be stuck to his mother all his life and do whatever she asks... He has an individual identity and so do u... so in that case u shudnt be worried, because ur brother loves u a lot.. I am sure, but then his commitments have held him bak... And he says he will visit u over weekends and come for ur track events etc.... believe him... u keep in touch with him, if ur mum doesnt... tell him that u love him... He does care enough to tell u that much that he will b there for u... ur mum needs to appreciate ur closeness and ur relationship with him.... I think ur mum just generally has issues with men... I know I sound real harsh... But then ur dad first then ur bro.. she isnt getting what she wants, thats why she is behaving this way... And now that her last hope was ur brother, she has started to say things abt him as well... It isnt ur fault, and never think ur bro dont love u... ur still his kid sister... dont worry....I am sure, he loves u like anything... just that guys dont express generally cos they are meant to be tough and all that... so u dont need ta worry lassie... Times change, with situations changing.... Just dont worry abt what ur mum says... if ur satisfied that ur brother loves u alot, u dont need to be justifying ur relationship with him to anyone who is not bothered abt u both, or anyone who has a grudge against u.... Ur mum just needs to know that her perception in life isnt too good and she needs to work on improving herself before she points out at others' faults... U dont need to worry at all... U just b a good gal to ur mum n bro... dont take sides... remain neutral, m sure things will b fine.. an if ur mum blames u for ur dad going, just know that wherever ur dad is, and wherever ur bro is.. they love u and are there for u... if anything at all, u can trust on God to be there for u always.. I am sure ur his favourite kiddo and he wont let anything bad happen with u.... otherwise keep me posted on Y! Answers abt ur situation, I will b there to offer u a lil piece of my mind!

  • Simply put it means infatuation.

  • whoever they are, they love you.

    and want you.

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