What does Momochi mean in Japanese?

I was reading the Narutopedia and came across Zabuza Momochi and remembered back in the day that I cryed when he and Haku died v.v But now I wonder...what does Momochi mean!? Roughly I translate it to peach energy!? o.o??

3 Answers

  • surname:

    momo peach

    chi land

    first name:

    za again

    bu not

    ra slash with sword

    (the characters for za and ra rarely read like this)

    so his name is like

    peach land, no re-slash???

  • SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! Yes he is the true leader of the Akatsuki, i think Itachi knows as he stated that if Sasuke got the Mangekyo, he would be the 3rd alive to do so, and He didn't know Kakashi had mangekyo. PS I don't know where everyone is getting the crap about Madara being the first Uchiha or being 90 years old or ****. All we knew was that 9tails heard of him, and what came from 364.

  • who is Momochi... what mean momochi....

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