What does “oshimai” mean in Japanese?

It was at the end of Hayao Miyazaki's film "My Neighbor Totoro" and I was wondering what it meant.

(I can read Hiragana)

6 Answers

  • The end. おしまい.

    I also found an interesting website with "The End" used at the end of a film in various languages.



  • 「おしまい」 means "the end". Another alternative would be 「おわり」 which means the same thing. You would usually see one of the 2 at the end of a film. Also note that, the word is not just applicable to film only.



    Once you are married, you are done for. (Once you are married, that's the end of you.)

  • Oshimai means "the end" or "closing".

  • oshimai(お終い) - "the end" like we see in the movies or television programs...

    the other term is owari(終わり)same meaning "end" or "the end"

  • the end.

  • end

    The end

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