what does pa stand for after a attorneys name mean?

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    It's a legal term to describe a separate legal entity - Professional Association. It's a form of incorporating a group of professionals, such as physicians, or dentists, or attorneys, or accountants to allow the individuals protection from lawsuits. If you wanted to sue one of the members for malpractice, you'd have to sue the professional association rather than the individual. It protects the individuals personal assets from being taken in a lawsuit, among other things. The PA would have to file taxes as a business, etc. Other similar terms are PC (Professional Corporation), LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). It does not mean physicians assistant after a physicians name. They're not a "PA" they're an MD or DO. Professional Associations Professional Association (physicians)

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    what does pa stand for after a attorneys name mean?

  • Public Association

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    Probably "Professional Association" or something like that, depending on what state you're in. Attorney's were forbidden to incorporate to obtain a liability shield, so in the 70s or 80s states devised corporate-like organizations (P.C., P.A., etc) which gave the tax benefits, enabled them to put together health insurance plans within the office, etc., that they could get by incorporating without the corporate designator (Inc.) or liability shield.

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