what does “remand rearrest” mean?

my cousin is in jail and I read his charges and it says "remand rearrest" then it says he is charged with a felony for a non narcotic substance

5 Answers

  • It means he stays in jail due to new charges.

  • Remand Rearrest

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    In the UK "remanded" basically means ordered to appear at Court at some future date.You can be held in custody pending that date or "on bail" i.e you are free to go home (or to some other address acceptable to the Police or the Court) but must appear at Court on the relevant date or you commit another (seperate) offence. You can be remanded by the Police after arrest and charge or remanded by the Magistrates if they decide that your case requires more than one hearing.

  • Remanded on bail means that the accused person has been allowed to go home having paid their bail bond or fee and that they will return at a later date for trial etc.

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