What Does “Royce Da 5’9″ ” Mean ?

they have some dope songs like;;


I'm The King


but what does their name mean ?

6 Answers

  • Royce da 5'9'' is a rapper from Detroit. He got his nickname from a medallion on his chain which was an R (symbol of a Rolls Royce), so people started calling him Royce. His real first name is Ryan which is why he wore the R. The 5'9'' in his name comes from his height.

    ^^^ @ Timmy - It sounds like Dre Day, but the beat is a little distorted. It sounds like they remixed it as background music for the interview. I posted a link for the video in your Q.

  • Royce Da 5'9 is a single person. And i assume his name means his height. Like 5 foot 9 inches, personally being Canadian-Chinese i go by the metric system.

  • Royce Da 5'9 is a solo artist.

    On his early mixtapes he would stand infront of a lot of Rolls Royce cars, which is why he used the name Royce.

    5'9 I can only assume is his height


    @BigThangs - my bad, i'd take Frum's word for it over mine

    @Frumdamentalz - you got any clue about this question i just posted?


  • royce da 5'9" is a rapper, not a group, whose real name is ryan montgomery, and his name is simply his height...he has also rapped under the handle nickel-nine

  • i thought 59 stood for the 59 seconds that one has to endure when getting a beating as part of gang initiation into the bloods.

  • Royce Da 5'9'' mean wack rapper that will never sell over 100 albums

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