What does “runs a half-size larger” mean in shoes?

I'm buying some converse and it says "runs a half-size larger" and I'm completely confused. One shoe has men 7/ women 9 but another shoe has men 9 1/2/ women 1/2. Am I supposed to get a bigger size or a lesser size or just keep it the same because I'm a 9 and a half?

2 Answers

  • If you normally wear a 9-1/2 then get a 9 because the shoe will be the same as a 9-1/2 if it is 1/2 size bigger.

  • Converse shoes claim to run a half size large, meaning that a size 9 will fit like a size 9-1/2. My experience, however, is that Converse All-Stars (or Chuck Taylor s) tend to run a full size larger than the average sneaker.

    Fun fact: Converse once ran a monopoly on sneakers worn by the NBA. The shoes were designed to be worn with an extra pair of socks, so they run a half-size (to a full size) larger.

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