What does Sangron mean in Spanish??

My husband and I are having a debate of it's meaning..... can someone help.

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  • The previous answers are just partially right. In Mexico, "sangrón" is a term that you give any person who is a party-pooper. For example, you get all excited in your office because you want to throw a big party for Christmas. Everybody must agree so that it can take place and then one of your colleagues argues something like "no, I don't want that party to take place because I have to work and I don't want extra noise around me". Then you'd say "he/she is a sangrón". Ethymologically, though, "sangrón" is one who externaly bleeds a lot, if such a thing can be possible ; )

  • Party Pooper In Spanish

  • I am Mexican born and raised in DF and Sangron means stuck up is a slang but definitely means just Stuck up

  • In Mexico "sangrón" is a person who almost always doesn't agree with anybody or nothing, is a person who has always something to complain about.

  • Sangrón = (slang) Stuck up person

    literally = A lot of blood

  • depends where you live I guess. In Sonora I hear it most often for a grumpy, no fun, bitter person.

  • in mexican slang is like a hatefull person, stuck up and in more serious way sangron is like the person is bleeding a lot

  • I'm Mexican, and to me it means a stuck up, rude person.

  • In Mexican Spanish sangron is slang for someone who takes advantage of others, like a mooch. Like when you say something about a "bloodꜱᴜcκing lawyer" you would say "abogado sangron"

  • It means stuck up.A snob.

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