what does staf allah translate to?

i heard Lupe Fiasco use it many times, i understand almost everything else he says in arabic, but that escapes me.

3 Answers

  • lol it's "astaghfirullah" it just sounds like that when one says it fast

    It means "Allah forgive me" and is used when one has committed a sin or said something they aren't supposed to.

    I love Lupe Fiasco but unfortunately i can't listen to him anymore since i'm trying to give up a lot of things to be a better Muslim (May Allah guide me)

    i hope this helps

    Assalamu Alaikum

  • I am not sure if he actually uses this word "staf" because it doesn't mean anything in Arabic. It possibly could be "Astagfirullah" which if we say, sound the same as the one you typed. It means "Allah forgive me". We call God Allah in Islam!

    Source(s): A Muslim (so is Lupe Fiasco)
  • He is actually saying "Astagh-fir-Allah" which means: I repent to God.

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