what does stfu mean??

25 Answers

  • The FU part is obvious. The front part is from the local context.

  • What Does Stfu Mean

  • Stfu is not a pleasant and nice work but it means Shut the fuc* up!

  • Save The Freaking Unicorns ✨

  • Ugghhhh people stop censoring the **** part it’s not like anyone isn’t gonna understand. It means SHUT THE **** UP

  • stfu means “Shut The F*** Up”

    hope this helps!

  • Sweet treat fluffy unicorn 🙂 you should reply i love you too xx

  • Save the flying unicorns 😉

  • chat lingo for ‘shut the f*ck up’ serriously

  • No offense…but it stands for “Shut The **** Up” (Internet slang)

  • Shut the f*ck up

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