what does stripping mean? in ballasting operations on cargo ships.?

ballasting operations on board ships. have ballasting and stripping lines. what is stripping?

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  • HA HA - Some good answers! Stripping tanks, cargo tanks or ballast tanks, is the process by getting the very last drop out of the ships tanks. There are different types of pumps available on board ships. some have individual deep-well pumps in each tank. others have main pumps in a pump-room and can connect to each tank via lines (pipes) Stripping lines are typically smaller diameter and some ships actually have stripping pumps - usually piston type pumps for stripping tanks. Some cargoes do not require the use of stripping pumps/lines. Hope this helps!

  • Stripping is completely cleaning out the ballast tanks. When you've taken on ballast in some place with Zebra mussels or some other contaminant that you can't dump back into the ocean, you have to strip the tanks.

  • Stripping Pump

  • Ships use sea water to fill their ballast tanks. sea water introduces aquatic invasions.Stripping is a term used for removing any organisms that may have entered the ballast tanks.Ballast may be pumped on board the ship in one part of the world and discharged in another part of the world introducing unwanted sea life.

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  • Offloading consolidated cargo from the truck to the ICD

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