What does sugoi ne [Japanese] mean???

What is the English translation??

My friend is from Japan and he said it when he hit my leg with his foot on accedent, and I answered "It's ok...."

he was soo surprised and asked me how I knew what he said, also how much Japanese have I learned....I really don't know what is means...I asked him and he said that it means "Sorry" but i just want to be sure...

Can someone also tell me what chiyoo dai means??



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  • I think it's up to the person and context how to translate it but sugoi is like "wow" or "amazing" or "incredible". ne is a casual way to end a sentence. So it's like saying:

    oh wow

    that's amazing

    it's incredible

    Really, it's your choice. Clearly your friend is amazed that you understood.

    Chiyoo dai? You mean choodai right? The yo is little? Choodai means please give me..


    keshigomu choodai - please give me the eraser

    okawari choodai - please give me seconds (second helping of food)

    kotae choodai - please give me an answer

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  • Japanese it means "Right on!" "excellent"

    Urban dictonary says its "punch me in the crotch" lol

  • sugoi ne

    =wow, its beautiful!, awesome!, that's horrible!, that's terrible!

    has both negative and positive meaning

    'sugoi ne' does not mean 'sorry'.

    not chiyoo dai but 'choudai'.

    means 'give me'. not childish but casual japanese. i still use 'choudai'....

  • Sugoi ne normally means, "oh, excellent!"

    But, it has another meaning of "it's terrible, right?"

    Chiyoo dai= nothing.

    It's arigatou gozaimasu*

  • from what everyone said, it means he said it felt amazing when he touched your leg with his, and then said please give me 😀 ......................... Oh wait this question was asked 7 years ago ?? dont tell me u guys have married eachother already ;D

  • sugoi ne means literally "that's great, isn't it" but it can have various specific meanings depending on the context.

    choudai is a childish version of kudasai. Either "please" or "please give me." "Shio choudai" means please pass the salt.

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