What does “Teen Glamour” Modeling consist of?

So I'm almost 17 and finally got myself model management company representation. So I was talking to them and they said that they would like to represent me in the commercial/print and glamour divisions (high fashion/runway after a bit of work with their nutritionist in the future). I know what commercial print is, and I know what glamour is, but how does glamour different for teens? Traditional glamour seems a bit.. raunchy for a minor. So what should I be expecting?

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  • Glamour modeling is topless, bikini, lingerie or nude modeling. Of course at 17 you can't do nude but they will do what they can legally get away with. And the day you turn 18 they are going to expect you to take your top off

    I wouldn't do glamour modeling unless that's what you want to do with your life. With the internet any pictures you take exist online forever. Do you really want your classmates, employers, parents or even your kids one day to see half-naked pictures of you? This is the type of work you'd be doing as a teen glamour model http://www.trueteenbabes.com/ and http://www.modeljordanleigh.com/

    Are you and your parents ok with that? Do you really want boys at your school being able to see these type of pictures online?

    Once you start in glamour, you can never go back to runway, editorial or commercial modeling. You can go the other way - look at all the Victorias Secret models who started on runway. But nobody starts in lingerie/swimwear then moves into high fashion. You aren't taken seriously in the industry so that's something to really think about before you do anything.

    Runway is NEVER called glamour modeling unless you were doing a lingerie show or swimsuit competition. Anything high fashion would be referred to as Fashion, Runway or Editorial, not glamour

  • Teen Glamour Model

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  • Posting of copy righted images is illegal isn't it? I think these pics should be removed since you do not have the owners permission to use them.

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