what does the Hindi word ”ji” mean?

and when and how do we use it? pls clarify

is ji yes?

do we use the word ''ji' for a stranger as well?

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  • If JI stands alone it means a polite form of address or answering a caller in a polite way, sir, madam etc. are hidden in the word.

    If JI is suffixed or prefixed by 'haan' to say : JI HAAN or HAAN JI, it means YES (sir, madam assumed).

    There is one more meaning to JI or JEE which none of the members noticed. JI means heart, mind through which we think and act. Saying this : "Mere JI mein Aayaa " meaning 'came to my mind', or 'came to my heart.'

    Jiyo JI bhar ke is a slogan used by Samlam Khan in a TV advertisᴇмᴇɴt of an energiser. Here JI means heart, so, 'Live to your heart's content.' is the translation.

    Yeh tohmat uthane ko JI chaahta hai = Heart wishes to bear this slander.

    I hope now it is clear.

  • Ji Definition

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    It means 'yes', and a person can say this to a woman or a man, its a polite way to say yes as well. 'ji' is a respectful term and 'ha' means yes. you can also say 'ji ha'. and 'no' is 'ji nahi'

  • This word doesn't has any meaning like the word used in english `The' which has no meaning but we use it..

    but ji word is respectful word so it used to give respect to a person..

    Like Aunty ji , uncle ji..

    It can also be use after someone's name to give him or her respect ,like after my name Mandeep ji ..

    i think you got it..

  • Yes! you can use 'Ji' for a stranger if he or she is elder than you....it's just a respectful word for yes. Sometimes 'ji' is used for 'pardon'...like your teacher/father asked you something and you couldn't listen it then you can ask with respect Ji?

  • 'ji' is a word used to indicate respect.Usually used to address someone elder.

  • Ji=Mr/Mrs(in some cases) its used to show respect in Hindu culture. Ji also means yes. We use it in front of elders instead of saying "Huh" which is disrespectful. In Punjabi culture the word Ji is used much more then in hindu culture.

  • ji is mainly used to give respect. like sir in English. plain ji used to answer may be assumed as "haan ji" surely ji does not mean yes. we can use it for anybody.

  • RE:

    what does the Hindi word ''ji'' mean?

    and when and how do we use it? pls clarify

  • It means yes.

    You also say it end of a word to show respect.

    Like mom or dad sister brother.

    Anyone who is older than you.

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