what does the metaphor “time is a thief” mean?

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  • Time steals away all of the opportunities you get in your life if you don’t take advantage of them when they come.

  • Time Is A Thief

  • I basically want to support skepsis The terms come out of two completely different world views, imaged in the wheel and the path. With the eternally turning wheel, detachment, philosophically and materially, is part of the emptying which takes one away from the movement, the tugs, attractions and distractions of a life *which is in eternal terms going nowhere except round again.* The relative stillness of the hub is the (partial) metaphor for the aim of emptiness. With the image of the path one’s (single) life leads somewhere. Redemption figures because in Abrahamic theology humanity has “lost” the path back to reunion with God. We have to be shown the right path, *and lifted to it.* The two other key contrasting words here are Grace and Karma. Karma at its crudest is about what one does, and one’s future fate. Grace at it its crudest is the insistence that “what one does” counts for nothing for one’s future fate. What is needful for redemption has to be “accepted as a gift as done by another” as it cannot be earned or deserved. (personally neither Dharmic nor Abrahamic, and Y!A only notified me of your question with 12 hrs to go!)

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    what does the metaphor "time is a thief" mean?

  • To my way of thinking it means that the person who coined that phrase was having a bad hair day. Our time on earth is a gift for many and an ordeal for others. It is in the very nature of the gift that it will expire, so don’t call it bad names.

  • I agree with thisis. You shouldnt even have to think about that. Time goes by so fast, by the time you realize, youre a piece of ****. This dont apply to me though, I pretty much win.

  • It steal its way thru life…. Look how fast it goes! I thought i was on this computer for just an hour… It’s been 3!!

  • Because it steals away important things like your youth.

  • it means that time takes away things. like your pets. they die. or ur parents. youth is wasted on young people who want to be old. time takes away good looks and memory.

  • It steals away our youth and we can never get it back.

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