What does the one dot tattoo on your hand mean?

I know that you can get three dots between your thumb and index finger, and that pretty much means your in a gang. But this kid I know also has a dot by it's self kind of on the other side of his hand. Someone told me this means he's racist. Is this true?

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  • I heard that person has as many dots on his/her hand as many years he/she was in prison.

  • Three Dots On Hand Tattoo

  • To the other people saying this the 3 dots in a triangle don't always mean gang membership. It can also be one of the first tattoo a sailor gets after coming back rom his first voyage. The triangle represents the Bermuda Triangle.

    Source(s): The internet (forgot the sites name)
  • No, not racist - if alone it refers to a click in jail.

    If in sets/ rows can mean 3 yrs first click, 5 yrs (5 dots) 2nd click.

    Be careful getting tats that rep a jail or gang issue. False tats are considered a serious offense, while wearing a gangs colors or mark is usually dealt with by removing the offending skin or body part.

  • A black dot, not tattoo- usually made with a marker (sharpie or pen) is a distress call for help. Typical of a domestic violence situation when the person is too afraid to ask for help.

  • meaning single dot tattoo hand

  • They are called stoner dots, the prison tats they refer too are under the eye and they are a tear. I think its one tear for each 5 year strech of time.

  • i know a few people who have got a tat similar to the one your talking about and them call them pompey dots as they are all from portsmouth and they all did each others.

  • No, usually when you just have one dot it means you were having a good time at a party and someone gave you the (party dot) to remember the good time.

  • Probably means he wanted to get a big, ugly dragon tattoo but cнιcκened out when the sharp, long, pointed needle painfully broke skin.

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