What does the quote “live together die alone” mean?

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  • I suppose that as people, we live together for the sake of being with each other, and protecting the fact that we're human, but in turn, we can't erase the ultamite human destiny, death. For some, dying is okay with them because it's about honor, like a soldier, but until that day comes, we live together, and breathe together as one thing and one thing only, humanity.

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  • I just heard this on "Lost", It comes from a speech Jack said. Here is the longer version: "Every man, for himself isn't going to work. If we can't live together, we're going to die alone." There is more but that's were it comes from if you were asking because they say that phrase a lot.

  • When you die you die alone meaning you don't normally die in some ones arms

  • it means that we live with people but when we die we are on our own, not literally, but we do it alone. No one can stop it.

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