What does the song Bottom by the river by Delta Rae talks about?

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  • This song was basally about the Salem witch trials, where people where accused of being witches, and they were killed(Specially, they put cinder blocks under the people's feet, and drown, and if they were witches, they would come back up.. but guess up? ...None of them came back up..)

    Yup, this is about the Salem which Trials event (That's why the girl was pushed up the house, she was accused of being a wich)

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    What does the song Bottom by the river by Delta Rae talks about?

  • Bottom Of The River Lyrics

  • "Bottom Of The River" can be interpreted in multiple ways. The literal explanation is this:

    It is a story written to someone whose son is possessed by evil, perhaps a demon. You see this in these lyrics:

    "The Lord’s gonna come for your first born son / His hair’s on fire and his heart is burning"

    The song's narrator says to the parent of the possessed son that they need to cleanse his soul by washing him in the river, deep, all the way on the bottom of the river.

    "Go to the river where the water runs / Wash him deep where the tides are turning"

    The chorus mostly just describes the long walk down to the river, where the evil son will be cleansed.

    Next it mentions that their walk is lit by pale moonlight, and wild wolves chase them down to the river

    "The wolves will chase you by the pale moonlight / Drunk and driven by a devil’s hunger"

    Then the narrator of the song tells the parent of the evil son to push him deep into the water, where the water is rough, to let him drown - to erase his evil:

    "Drive your son like a railroad spike / Into the water, let it pull him under / Don’t you lift him, let him drown alive"

    And then a dramatic scene is described in which maybe there is a rolling thunder, or maybe it is simply obvious the son is cleansed by the fact that he is dead, and the realization is as loud as thunder in their minds. (You can interpret this part on your own.) The son was washed clean by the river, but now because of the heat from his evil "fever" dissipating, the river boils high and runs dry:

    "The good Lord speaks like a rolling thunder / Let that fever make the water rise / And let the river run dry"

    *These concepts are all related to baptism, as well as the practice in the old days of witch trials during which they tested people who they thought were witches by weighing them down under water. If they floated, they were surely witches and must be burned at the stake, and if they drowned and sunk, they were not witches: Dead but free from evil. <- that concept is what the music video for Bottom of the River is pulled from.

  • There is a video like that and the song is "Not Ready to Make Nice" by the Dixie ᑕнιcκs. Hope this helps!!

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