What does the spanish word “si mon” mean in english??

I hear it alot but have no idea what it means....

12 Answers

  • simon, is the name of a person,

    but spanish people use it to say ''yes'' in their slang,

    mostly mexicanos do that,

    ''simon que si ese'',

    I am a mexicano

  • Spanish Word For Yes

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    What does the spanish word "si mon" mean in english??

    I hear it alot but have no idea what it means....

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  • Si mon ese

  • Penales means Penalties In Southamerica Penales, In Spain, Penaltys.

  • two words:

    sí -yes in spanish

    mon - paisa pronunciation of man

    simon -- yeah man!

  • That come from the slang spoken in Mexico, and it means YES, and the word used is Simon, all together, no two words.

  • It is actually one word "simon" and its a slang word for yeah

  • It's "simón" and it's a slang word for "sí", i.e.


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