What does the term “Guns and Roses” mean or symbolize?

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  • Individual Terms:

    "Guns" symbolize war and destruction.

    "Roses" usually symbolize love and romance; their use in making perfumes, as well as their association with Valentine's Day reinforces this symbolism.

    Putting the two Terms together:

    Meaning 1: Love is destructive. Loving someone or being loved by someone will lead to bad endings for one or both people involved.

    Meaning 2: Destruction is love. The converse of Meaning 1. It means that destruction is a sign of love; you often hear people say "We hurt the ones we love."

    "Guns and Roses" is/was also a rock band.

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    What does the term "Guns and Roses" mean or symbolize?

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  • If your asking where guns and roses got their name in the very early days of the band Axle Rose and Tracy Guns (Tracy later formed L.A. Guns) were in the band and the name was born. Soon thereafter though the for one reason or another Tracy left the band but they decided to keep the name.

  • Guns symbolize destruction and death. Roses symbolize beauty and life (or love).

  • Love and Hate. Love and war

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