What does the word “kya” mean in Japanese?

Okay so I have been noticing that mangas and animes I've viewed, often displayed a character yelling "kya." To be honest, I think it's a form of yelling or screaming, but why "kya" and if I'm wrong, what does it really represent?

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  • It's just word for screaming (especially girlish, cute screams), it represents nothing.

    It's really the same as "Eek!" or "Yipe!", they felt it represents it well and went with it.

  • Kya Meaning

  • if it's just by itself, and the character looks like he or she is in shock, then it means, "AAH!!"

    Like a scream

  • nothing. It's just a sound like "aah~"

  • I Think it means "Shout"

  • You mean like this? キャー That is a scream or a shriek. It is an onomatopoeia.

  • To be honest with you it means cat vag.

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