What does these 2 quotes mean? Security is a kind of death.” & “Beware the hobby that eats.”?

Please explain what these quotes mean.

"Security is a kind of death" - Tenessee Williams

"Beware the hobby that eats." - Ben Franklin

3 Answers

  • 1) Security is like stagnation, it is a death of creativity and new experiences. If you're totally secure, if you are never in any danger, then you are not really living.

    2) Either a) beware the hobby that eats [at you], i.e. beware "hobbies" that become obsessions; or b) beware the hobby that eats [your money], i.e. beware hobbies that require too many products, there are cheaper ways to spend your time.

  • 1. It means you think your secure but you're sometimes not.

    1. A hobby that will take up your life, become an obsession.

    Hope this helps!

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