what does this direction mean: Dilute triatix concentrate with water as follows: 1:700 (1.43ml/litre).?

I am about to give my dogs a bath with a ticks & flea remover called Triatix. I am trying to figure out the correct proportion to mix. The net content of the bottle is 33ml. Will someone please explain these mixing directions to me . For eg. How much water do i use to what portion of the triatix concentrate? Thanks.

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  • When you use one litre of water you have to put 1.43ml of the concentrate... So if you're giving your dog a bath in a bathtub of 15 litres pour 24.45ml of the concentrate... To use the whole bottle you have to dilute it in 23.1 l of water...

  • The ratio of concentrate to water is 1:700. If you were to use the whole bottle of concentrate ( not recommending that! ), you would use 700 x 33ml = 23100ml, or 23.1 liters of water.

  • this means that you dilute (for lack of a better word, "mix) one part Triatx with 700 parts of water.

    for example - one oz of Triatix with 700 ounces of water.

    or, if you are in metric-land - 1.43 millilitres of Triatix mixed with one litre of water.

    sounds like its pretty potent stuff, so take care follow the directions and not mix too much with the water.

    You currently have 33ml of Triatix, so if you were to make the whole bottle, you'd have to mix it with 23.1 litres of water.

    Does this make sense?

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  • it means for every measurement of triatix mix with 700 of the same measurement water ie 1 cup with 700 cups some type of conversion table will help so you dont measure 700 tbs. of water

  • 1 part mixture/700 parts water. Quite a strong medication.

  • Triatix

  • 1.43ml for every liter of water is the way I'm reading it. I'm probably wrong tho.

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