What does UA mean on eBay??

I'm buying a pair of yeezys and it says UA. What is that

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  • [My note: The writer is comparing the UA (unauthorized) shoes (replicas) with the Yeezy pair bought at a retail store. Listed are the differences between the real Yeezys and the unauthorized pair. He speaks about the left shoe and the right, but there is no photo. He does describe the differences carefully between the two shoes.]

    [COMPARISON] adidas yeezy 350 boost "UA" VS. Retail.

    by markanthonyflow

    So I was lucky enough to scoop a pair for retail, and I had this pair come in last week, which is now sold to a user on this sub.

    When first receiving them, I thought they were really good, aside from color, and I didn't think too much of it. Of course now when having retails there are some glaring differences, but on foot some of them you wont even notice. These can definitely be passed off on foot, because while walking by, I highly doubt anyone will notice little things, especially not notice the differences on the inside of the shoe.

    Both size 8, "UA" from David, Retail from adidas originals in Soho.

    Box : Box is completely wrong, font is okay with the name of the shoe but fails everywhere else. but its just a box UA Box Retail Box

    Side By Side : Left is UA, right Retail. Here you can see the primeknit on the UA is more of a consistent pattern, while retail looks more random. Note the slight color difference as well. Top is UA, Bottom Retail Color Difference : Left is UA, Right Retail

    Laces : Left is UA, Right is retail. While they look exactly the same, the UA is a more hollower, and squishy.

    Pulltab : Left is retail, right is UA. Retail is placed higher, is more sturdier, and has cleaner construction. UA as a whole is higher than the retail.

    Suede Panels : Top is retail, bottom is UA. Retail uses a nappier suede, higher quality of course. UA YZY is embossed too big.

    Insole : Top Retail, Bottom UA. Retails insole is black, with black branding. UA is cream with black branding. Retail also comes with a tag stating that due to some materials used, color might migrate.

    Toebox Stitching : Left is retail, right is UA. Stitching is close, yet cleaner and tighter, with a thinner thread on retail.

    Midsole : Left is retail, right is UA. Notice the bulge in the midsole and how it curves out on the retail, UA is more flat. Also ridges are more defined and higher on the retail

    Aerial View : Top is retail, bottom is UA. Notice how much wider the retail is opposed to the UA.

    Suede Panel, Inside Shoe ; This is retail, the UA is missing it. No Suede Panel inside shoe

    Retail size tag UA size tag Not as bold as retail. Some numbers incorrect.

    One piece primeknit retail, two piece on UA : Top is UA, bottom retail. Retail features a one piece primeknit material, while the UA completely misses that.

    Color and material of lining : Left is UA, Right is Retail. Color and material is different. UA is more of an off white, and a suede/felt material. Retail is more of nylon and a cream color.

    Soles : Left is UA, Right is Retail. Boost is more prominent in the heel area of the retail, and tucks back in the forefoot. while on UA it tucks back in the heel and more prominent in the forefoot. Boost is completely rep on UA. boost logo is bolder on retail, adidas trefoil logo flipped on each sole. Notice the width of retail.

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  • Un authentic...it means knock off. Close to but not the real thing.

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