what does x with a line above it mean in statistics?



okay, so

its the "x"

as in "x" squared is equal to "x" multiplied by "x"

what does the sign with "x" with a BAR or LINE bove it mean?!?!?!?


love u guys lots


7 Answers

  • That means "mean" or "average"

    Its the average of all the possible values that x can take. for example if x can take the values 1, 2, and 3. X bar = (1+2+3)/3 = 2.

  • It Statistics

  • x̄ pronounced as x bar is the symbol for mean.

    The mean is nothing more but the average that you’ve been computing since elementary school.The formula for the mean is x̄= Σx/n ,meaning that u add up all the numbers in the data set and then divide by sample size or population size....how the formula is applied is mentioned in the pic

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  • Mean

  • Thats called x bar and it means "the mean of the x values"

  • what does p-bar mean

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