What equipment can detect hidden body wires/audio recording devices hidden on a person (Rat) ?

I see on counter surveillance web sites that there are a lot of bug detectors of many different variations. What model/kind do you know of/recommend that would specifically alert the user of somebody nearby wearing a hidden wire on them or audio transmitters? I am looking for a portable device that I can keep in my pockets to to be notified by vibration? Please provide links.

(BTW I am starting out in the private investigator field).


3 Answers

  • just wear a tin foil hat...if it turns blue, ufos are monitoring your toilet habits

  • There is a simple home-made device you can make to detect hidden wires...

    First take a wire from a lamp or other old electric device. Cut the wire near the appliance so that you have about 3 to 4 feet of cord. Strip the wires to expose the metal wire about 5 inches long.

    Wrap this exposed wire around the base of your wee wee.

    Insert the other wire up your вυŧŧ and be careful not to touch your head which is already up there.

    Plug in the wire to any electric outlet.

    If you feel a vibration... there IS a wire in the area.

  • Such devices are irrelevant. You can get a full color/audio video recorder in a functioning watch. The days of wires and hidden tape recorders are gone.

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