What exactly is CPA Lead?

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  • CPA Lead is a CPA service (Cost per Action). They allow people to install a survey gateway on their site to make money. You can make money every time someone fills out a survey. The average payout for a survey is between $.30 and $1.25. Pretty great service. For me I make a lot more money through CPA Lead than I ever would with a PPC program like Google Adsense.

    To sign up, go here. http://cpalead.com/apply.php?ref=18013

  • Cpa Lead

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    What exactly is CPA Lead?

  • CPA Lead LLC is a CPA network providing web publishers of all sizes and types with solutions such as survey offers for converting traffic into a revenue through the use of cost per action offers website owners can place on their websites. - See more at: http://www.whatispedia.info/business/whatis-cpalea...

  • Cost per Action - you get paid when someone performs an Action such as filling out a form with their email address or their zip code. The company paying for the CPA lead gets to market to that person filling out the form and you get paid for bringing that person in as a "lead" for the company to send their marketing advertisements out to them.

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