What guitar tuning does Chevelle (the band) use?

I know that a large portion of their songs are in A# but my guitar won't stay in tune long enough to play a whole song of theirs (plus it just sounds horrible). I've just learned "Sleep Apnea" because it's in drop C# (easy to handle). Any other songs that aren't tuned so damn low? "The Red" might be another one...

I guarantee only 1 person will answer this xD

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  • it depends

    Black earth - dadgbe

    another knw it all bf#beg#c#

    mia - standard

    comfiortable lia- dadgbe

  • For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avnKb

    you probably need to get thicker strings so for playing heavy low tuned rock you should get .11s or .12s gauges so ask for these numbers when you buy strings next time

  • Their Point #1-stuff is in D-standard (DGCFAD)

    Their Wonder What's Next-stuff is in Dropped B (BF#BEG#C) and C# standard (C#F#BEG#C)

    Their Hat's Off-La Gorgola-stuff is in Dropped C (CGCFAD)

    That's a LOT easier to tune to than Dropped-A#, am I right?

  • He plays a baritone guitar. It's between bass and guitar. U have to use heavy strings and adjust neck up

  • Drop C. Just like drop D, only one step lower.

  • One of their better songs: Closure has tuning of:


  • The clincher how bout that one?

  • you might try heavier gauge strings.

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  1. If you’ve tuned correctly and your guitar still sounds off it may be because a few of the songs I checked were tuned to 432hz not the standard that most tuners are set to. Basically if you use a tuner set to the standard hz you’ll be tuned to the correct note but your guitar will be about 1/3 of a note higher than they are.

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