What happened to mp3lemon.org?

mp3lemon.org used to have tons of free songs, but their site doesn't seem to be up. Thoughts?

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  • MP3lemon was taken down not to long ago by the UK and a guy was arrested. He didnt own the site, just ran the proxy server that had it. The real owner and the site was based somewhere in the caribbeans. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/08/uk-pira...

  • Mp3lemon.org

  • that ꜱᴜcκs ..... i had a whole list of tunes i wanted to download and i've used mp3 lemon before.

    the site was free and the songs were good quality recordings .... oh well .

    like i always say .... everything that's good somehow gets taken away .

  • I have also been failing to access it lately and suspected that it has been sc ɾąքҽ d from the internet. Such a big blow!

  • just download Soulseek.

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