What happened to superseeds.org (January 2013)?

It has been a couple days since the site is down, very few people are talking about it on twitter. No information on the subject anywhere, neither a word from the admins. It disappeared from night to day. Does anybody knows what happened ?




Some interesting new info Bill brought to the table, lets keep active to help each other find out whats going on. Also, does anyone know a good equivalent tracker for tv series ?

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  • I've been checking every few hours with websitedown.info and as of yet it still hasn't been up for over a week. I loved the site as well and miss it. xspeeds.com is still invitecode only. As many of my SS buddies have no idea how to get in touch with me outside of SS, I don't expect to be invited. Last year the servers did go down, but it only went down for a day. The site owner has been getting donations for almost 2 years now. If you're going to take the money and run, you do so quickly. So, that's not why the site is down. I do believe it is probably due to DCMA issues, as copyright "owners" have been sneaking around to get torrents shut down. However, if they shut torrenting down the file sharing community will simply move to a new format. That's what happened to Napster, Kazaa, mIRC, and Limewire.

  • When small trackers fall off the face of the earth was actually happens is

    90% of the time the owner has taken the money and run. Especially if the tracker disappears after a donation drive

    5% of the time the owner has had legal trouble which led to them pulling the site

    5% of the time the owner/siteops are having hardware issues but they are really bad at communicating with their users, ie they 've never heard of twitter or the other 20 different free and easy ways available to let your userbase know what's going on

  • edited here do to direct information......

    as far as xspeeds being related to superspeed I can tell you for sure that it is much more likely that if it is a hardware problem that superspeeds are having ... xspeeds is probably responsible!!

    Xspeeds has been hitting them all month long with other type of attacks...i.e..fake accounts..a checky little app for cheating on upload stats ect......

    So there has been an on going battle between those two sites for awhile now

    for USA tv shows http://tv-scene.com/ and for UK shows https://tvchaosuk.com/ they are both open sign up right now

    big edit here!!.......

    here is a quote from their sysop.... "well short version is its gone, owner decided to just piss off with the donation pot, not very nice at all and to think i used to respect the guy"

    I know directly of another site where he has done this in the past so this is not the first time

    so there is your answer folks!!!

  • I believe last year around the same time, Superseeds did maintenance/graphics update, changing the overall look of the site and was down for 3 or 4 days - maybe this is what they are doing again, hopefully that's all it is.

  • after reading bill's response i googled "zuffa superseeds" and found this:


    not sure if that link holds any credibility however. the date of the complaint seems kinda old for superseeds to go down so recently. none of the tracker url's link superseeds directly, though if you look at #17 in the url list you'll notice that torrent has a superseeds tag attached...wonder if it's just a process of elimination?

    hate for this place to go down, it was my favorite tracker (VIP).

  • Not so open, Mr Cow. An invitation code is required and even if someone like me had a ratio of over 105 in superseeds, he/she can still not register in this site, unless - of course - xspeeds is not related with superseeds on the first place.

    Good luck with all this.

    @Dave: Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I will honour it as best as I can!

  • the only thing i can think of right now is that they reach the amount of money to keep the site running (they were close to 97% a few days back) and perhaps they are moving servers and stuff like that, hope is that...

  • Someone said the owner might have been arrested for distributing Zuffa content. The site might not be coming back.

  • @Cow, xspeeds currently requires invite code to register.

    Try SceneTime.com . Not saying site is better or worse but it is private and currently open for sign ups.

  • Superseeds.org

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