what happens at a consultation at the orthodontist?

i am going to the orthodontist moday for a consultation for braces/invisalign. what will they do?

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  • well this is how mine went :

    first, i sat in a chair and the ortho. looked at my teeth and as he went along he told the nurse everything that was wrong (using those fancy dentistry terms)

    then he told me itd be better if i had the damon system rather then the traditional because this way i wouldnt have to have an expander or teeth extractions

    that was prettty much it

    then thursday i went back and they did x rays, took pictures of my teeth, and put the spacers in (those hurt like a freakin motherrrr you know what! haha)

    and tuesday i go back yet again to get the braces 😀

    whoo hoo!

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  • I assume you have been referred from your own general dentist for assessement because you may need orthodontic treatment ie braces. At the first visit he/ she will examine your teeth, take some xrays(possibly), impressions of your teeth and discuss what treatment might be needed.If you are not an adult the treatment options would be discussed with your parent(s). No treatment would be started.If you have any questions this is the time 2 ask ie what does he/she think will be needed, length of time 2 straighten teeth,retainers after teeth are straight and cost

  • Ok, so this is what they did to me. The first consulation they simply just looked at my teeth to see what I needed, if i need a tooth pulled [which I did] and etc.

    The next consultation, which was a week later, they took X-Rays of my teeth. What they do is you go to this x-ray that spins around your head and just bite with your front teeth and it takes picture, no harm and then they took other x-rays too.

    After that, he took pictures of my teeth and such and put this weird metal thing in my mouth and took pictures. Then, he put two spacers in my mouth. Spacers are tiny rubber bands that are used to space out your teeth so you can get bands around them, the amount you need depend on your teeth. You only leave them in for about a week.

    Tuesday I have to get molds of my teeth and then 1-2 weeks later I get braces.

  • I believe they just talk about the plan for your braces. Worded awkwardly there but basically what the goal is by making you wear them. You can probably ask at the consultation when you'll be getting them on.

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